New Rule: Back Protectors

A new rule came into force on 1st January 2016. Read on to make sure you know how to be compliant and therefore allowed to compete.

The new back protector rule – indoor competitions…
Back Protectors are now mandatory for drivers and grooms in all three phases of indoor competitions. There are no exceptions. If you arrive at Sparsholt in January, for our first 2016 indoor event, without appropriate back protectors you will not be able to compete.

008At other events…
In the summer, at all outdoor WHHC events it will be compulsory for divers and grooms to wear back protectors for the marathon phase of the competition and then up to individuals own preferences for the other two phases.

Training in indoor schools will also be down to individual choices, although we would always suggest wearing additional protection wherever possible.

What back protector?
British Carriagedriving have not, as yet, made any stipulation over a desired make or Kitemark. What they have said is that the back protector should be made for the specific purpose of protecting your back and their advice is to purchase the very best you can afford to protect yourself. Only recognisable items will be accepted, so a motorbike back protector would be ok for example, but no home made efforts!

011Where to buy
All reputable traders of equine clothing and equipment will be able to offer advice and guidance and there is a range of products to choose between. Make sure you do some research to purchase one that is right for you.

Where to hire
A local harness provider, based in Hampshire is offering a body protector weekend hire service from £30. You can find more details on their website