Getting started…

So, you want to learn to carriage drive. Whether you’re an experienced horse owner or not, there is a lot to get your head round, from new tack to carriage parts and competition rules. We think there is no better way to learn than by getting involved.

If you want to learn what carriage driving is all about, find out if it’s the sport for you or simply make new friends we’ve got three great suggestions for getting started.

  1. Be a spectator.

Throughout the season we run various types of carriage driving events and competitions including one-day indoor, two- and one-day outdoor as well as training sessions. All our events FREE to come and watch, so why not pop along? You can watch, listen and learn, see all the different diverse types of turnout that compete together and ask as many questions as you like. We’re a friendly bunch all very willing to talk about our horses, ponies and experiences.

If planning to come along to a two-day event, remember that it is usually the dressage and cones driving on day one (Saturday) and the marathon and obstacles on day two (Sunday).


  1. Be a steward.

A lot goes on behind the scenes to enable our events to take place and what better way to get to grips with the competition rules than offering yourself up as a steward for the day. You’ll get up close and hands on with the sport and if it’s your first time you’ll be paired up with an expert. 037

From the tea run to time keeping and route checking to re-building courses there’s so much to get involved with…and if you can bake cakes too – all the better!

We have our biggest event of the year coming up on the August Bank Holiday weekend (27th – 28th), it’s two-day club and regional competition, if you’re interested in helping out and being a steward, please get in touch.Header7


  1. Be a groom.

Carriage driving is very much a team sport. All drivers need reliable grooms to help get their turnouts ready and to assist on the back step of the carriage whilst driving (when training and/or competing). Not everyone is lucky enough to have a groom to hand all the time – so request to be a member of our Facebook page, join in the chat and put your hat into the ring.

This is the really hands on way to get to grips with what carriage driving is all about, pick your drivers brains, learn all you can about harnesses and carriages and if you get to compete as a groom, you’ll have the rules figured out in no time.


Now, once you’ve got the hang of it all, spoken to some experts and made some new friends it’s just the simple matter of getting your turnout ready, joining the White Horse Harness Club and coming along to compete with us.

We welcome all new members and look forward to helping you enjoy this sport.