As voluntary members, our committee work hard to keep the club operating successfully and we truly appreciate their efforts.

We also welcome interest from anyone who would like to join the committee who are appointed/re-appointed annually at the club’s AGM*. To put your hat into ring, please make yourself known to our Chairman.

On 1st Janury 2019, the White Horse Harness Club merged with the South Downs Harness Club to become the SOUTHERN CARRIAGE DRIVING CLUB

Chairman Jane Kempton 07810 014 694
Vice Chairman Julia Crockford 07850 249107
Treasurer Jane Scott
Accountant Helen Annema
Membership Secretary Ginny Williams
Health & Safety Clare Holland 07717 751 313
Minutes Secretary Carole Ruse
Marketing and Communications Kim Pritchard
Events Co-ordinator Kayti Harvey 07713 164 625
Catering Manager Jane Dunston
Committee member Steph Tyler
Committee member Lesley Bagley
Committee member Sally Kerr

*Members may be appointed to the Committee, after being proposed and seconded by two paid-up members followed by an affirmative majority of votes at the Club’s Annual General Meeting.

All retiring committee members may stand for immediate re-election. Members (e.g. with specialist knowledge) may be co-opted on to the committee for a period agreed by the committee. Co-opted members may not vote at committee meetings.