Become a Member

Our membership runs from 1st January – 31st December annually and all subscriptions for the year should be received no later than 15th February please.

Single Driving Member
£30 reduced to £19.50 if you are a British Carriagedriving Member

Joint/Family Membership
£30 reduced to £19.50 if you are a British Carriagedriving Member.
+£12 for each additional driving member
+£6 for each non-driving member.

Associate Non Driving Membership
£15.00 You’ll be covered by our Insurance when spectating or helping at our events, but you must not be a Driving member.

DownloadDownload Membership Form

Please send your completed membership form, membership fee and a copy of your British Carriagedriving Membership Card to the Membership Secretary:
Mrs Ginny Williams, 20 Glendale Road, Tadley, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG26 4JN.

Can you give me an example of how the family membership works?
£30.00 for mum (as a non BC Member driver) + £12 for daughter who drives + £6 for dad who does not drive, their annual membership = £48.

What if I don’t yet have my British Cariagedriving membership card?
You’ll need to pay the full amount, however you’ll receive a rebate once you are able to send in a copy of your membership card. Rebates will not be made after 1st June.

What do I do if I have a third driving member?
All driving members must be named individually on the Membership Form, if you have more than two, please use the back of the form or an extra sheet of paper.

Who do I make my cheque out to?
Please make your cheques payable to WHHC.

Can Associate Members vote at the AGM?
Yes. All our driving and non-driving members do.