The White Horse Harness Club Rules vary slightly from the BHDTA Rules.
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Driving Trials may not be very high on the list of dangerous activities, but, nevertheless, there is always scope for accidents to happen when a lot of people and horses are gathered together in a confined space.

Accidents are usually the result of someone failing to observe the simple and sensible safety rules that we should all abide by. The following is a summary of some of the more important rules that everyone should observe at all times:-

  • From 1st January 2016 All on a carriage will be required to wear back protectors whilst competing; for all three phases of indoor driving and for the marathon/obstacle section of all outdoor competitions.
  • Check your harness before every event to ensure it is sound and unlikely to break. Always get your harness and vehicle properly adjusted before corning to the event.
  • The traces should always be secured before and undone after, the breeching and any other connections.
  • Never leave a horse or pony harnessed to a vehicle without either a driver in control of the reins or a groom holding the bridle.
  • Never tie up a horse or pony while harnessed to a vehicle.
  • Never remove the reins or any part of the bridle of any horse or pony while it is harnessed to a vehicle. Whereas a loose horse running free in a crowded horsebox park may be something of a hazard, one racing around with a cart behind it is positively lethal.
  • A competent driver must be on the box and in full control of the reins before anyone else gets on board and until everyone else has got off the vehicle.
  • Do not put your horse to until you are ready to drive and take it out as soon as you have finished driving.
  • Always proceed at a walk in the horsebox park and any other crowded areas.
  • Always remember that a horse or pony which has limited experience of coming to events is likely to get excited, it is not safe to assume it will behave as predictably. Try to pick a quiet corner of the horsebox park if your animal is inexperienced.
  • If you have the misfortune to get tipped out during the competition concentrate on keeping a hold on the reins: so long as you have them in your hands, you have some chance of regaining control.
  • Never strap small children into a vehicle: you may think it will stop them falling out but if the driver gets tipped out, falling out will be the least of their problems!